Push mail with Gmail

You now can easily set up push mail service with gmail transparently.

Unlike prior to the iPhone 2.0 update, yahoo mail now seems to push as expedited as exchange. So it is only natural to want this from our trusty gmail account too as shown below.

To start, make sure you setup your two email accounts — one for Yahoo, and one for Gmail.  We’ll be using the push services from Yahoo to simulate push for Gmail email.  Make sure push is setup for Yahoo and Manual is setup for Gmail as shown below.


Once both accounts are setup, login to your Gmail account and setup forwarding to your Yahoo mail account.  Now wait, you are probably saying “NO!  I want to reply and my reply to also come from Gmail”.  Just bare with me with me as we’ll get to that shortly.  Note, you can also setup advanced filtering where you forward only important email — however for now I recommend just absolute forwarding with the option to automatically archive mail.

Once that is done, any email arriving to your gmail account should now push alert you within a few seconds on your iPhone.  How about the reply?  The reply is simple, just click reply on the email as you would normally from within the Yahoo email account and select the from address. Once you select the from address, all possible senders appear for your selection.  Here select Gmail and your done, the email is delivered using your Gmail account and is automatically associated to the original email in Gmail as an archive.

NOTE:  I’m using Google apps, so you see my domain email rather than my gmail account but it works the same.


UPDATE: 8/7/2008

If you are using MobileMe, you can actually turn off the default SMTP from MobileMe and turn on Gmail’s SMTP for the MobileMe account.  So if you follow the instructions above with MobileMe, you can simply reply and the email will automatically be sent and archived with your Gmail account.


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2 Responses to “Push mail with Gmail”

  1. Kevin Says:

    “Make sure push is setup for Yahoo and Manual is setup for Gmail as shown below.”…problem….when i tap on Yahoo, it only has “Fetch” and “Manual” as options….no push…

  2. mike952 Says:

    This may be specific to your iPhone. Yahoo has had push mail from iPhone 1.0, albeit they had their issues with not pushing, but either way it should show up explicitly as push for you. You can also setup MobileMe. With MobileMe, you can redirect your SMTP directly to your Gmail so you can skip the part where you change the FROM email address as shown above.

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