Tetris for iPhone – Tris

One of the best games for the iPhone is now available — and it’s FREE! I normally do not play games much nor was I ever a crazy tetris fan, but this native application by far exceeds all expectations for an iPhone game.

The game has excellent animation by having the pieces smoothly move down for each descending step.

The most impresive feature though is the touch interface along with the smooth animation. Everyone who I have shown Tris to instantly said “wow” when the first moved a piece with their finger.

A unique feature of the finger interface is the ability to move the piece up again. You might say, “hey wait a minute that’s not allowed in Tetris”. But indeed you can though. At first I thought this was a simple one time helper feature because I was not able to move the pieces up consistently. In the end though it turns out I can move each piece up — but only if I accelerated it by moving it down with my touch first. In other words you can move the piece up only as far as it would normally be if you hadn’t accelerated it down.

I really recommend the game and I easilly give it a full five stars! Search for Tris in the app store to download it.


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One Response to “Tetris for iPhone – Tris”

  1. Noah Witherspoon Says:

    Hey Mike. Just thought I’d say thanks for the good review – and I’m happy the drag-up behavior makes sense to -someone-, as I always seem to have to explain it. 🙂

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