iPhone speed tests super fast

I just upgraded my iPhone to firmware 2.0.2 and decided to conduct some tests. This website conducts some latency tests and then does a bandwidth test right afterwards. I feel this test is more valid than say the speed test within the app store because there are delays with DNS resolution and transfer start up times which unfortunately are included in the timing. While I agree the speed test app in the app store may represent real world scenarios, it does not measure nor report brute download capacity accurately.

I did find this website with a casual google lookup and I am in awe with the repeated results with a poor 3G signal.

See for yourself:

No matter how many times I try (in this case three) I find it difficult to match the brute timing above with the free speed test app in the app store. See for your self:


UPDATE 8/20:

Just to not create the wrong expectations, the speed I was obtaining was at 2:30am when surely there was very little traffic on the 3G network.  All throughout the day I was obtaining values from 400k-800k.


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