iPhone App Crashing Issue Resolved

After numerous restores, endless backups, and frustrating reconfiguration of my favorite apps I have finally arrived to the root of the problem and the solution.  First, just to make clear, I would like to point out the various things I have tried over the past week or so as surely you have tried some if not all yourself.  Each of these had varying levels of success but ultimately I encountered errors either when upgrading an app or simply launching it later on.

  • Restore from previous backup
  • Restore to original factory software and resync apps
  • Remove App explicitly via the iPhone and resync
  • Remove App explicitly via iTunes and re-adding it
  • and more…
The root of the problem seems to be the way iTunes 7.7.1 applies the digital rights management to the apps.  iTunes does this to ensure the app only runs on authorized computers similar to how the music you purchase is also limited to authorized computers.  The problem stems from some failure in the way iTunes 7.7.1 applies this signature to the apps.  Further complicating matters are apps purchased through the App Store icon on the phone. Theory states these apps will sync up to your computer automatically since they were purchased through the same account.  These apps many times didn’t transfer over transparently — identifying again some issue with the digital rights management applied to the application files.
The solution is quite simple!  Simply downgrade to iTunes 7.7 and use that version until the next release is issued by Apple (expected in September as per some other blogs).  I had a heck of a time finding 7.7 and even initially thought Apple themselves downgraded to 7.7 because their site reflects iTunes 7.7.
After downloading from their site however, it clearly states 7.7.1 in the title bar so another source must be found.
For convenience, I have aggregated these installers from the web and they can be downloaded here:
Simply drag the iTunes application into the trash.  Don’t worry none of your preferences are erased. Rerun the 7.7 installer and you are done.
Uninstall iTunes and reinstall the following one.

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6 Responses to “iPhone App Crashing Issue Resolved”

  1. iTunes 7.7.0 and iPhone 2.0.2 Results « Mike95 Blog Says:

    […] Mike95 Blog « iPhone App Crashing Issue Resolved […]

  2. ML Says:

    Thanks for the link.

  3. jqb Says:

    Hi. I have a brand new iPhone 3G, on which I installed 2.0.2 before installing any apps. Every app I install crashes. I’m installing them from the iPhone, not via iTunes, so the version of iTunes is irrelevant. Any clue what my problem is?

  4. mike952 Says:

    Since my post, Apple has released iPhone 2.1 software. Download the latest iTunes and the latest iPhone firmware to resolve most problems — including connectivity issues with 3G for most people.

  5. Charlotte Says:

    I’m still having this problem with 2.2 on the iPhone and iTunes 8. Should I try going back to 7.7? Have you heard anything else about this?

  6. Steve McDaniel Says:

    Thanks for the link to iTunes 7.7.0. Hoping I can get my friends ipod working for him.

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