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Thunderbold and MiniDisplay Mac Compatibility 101

July 21, 2011

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I have a MacBook Air 2010 model with the mini display port.  At the office we recently ordered an iMac with the thunderbolt port.  On occasion, I want to use my MacBook Air at the office so I was exploring the option of using the iMac 27 as an external monitor via the thunderbolt port.

The latest macs, both the 2009-2010 models using mini display ports as well as the 2011 using the thunderbolt ports support a feature referred to as “Target Display Mode”.  In essence, when properly cabled with either of the two cables, hitting Command/F2 will enable it.

The main question is, what are all the possible combinations?  Meaning, here I am with a mini display port MacBook Air and an thunderbolt iMac 27″, do they communicate?  Turns out no, a mini display port cannot target a thunderbolt machine (or monitor) as a target display.   So a little frustrated, I went to them Apple store to sort things out and the Apple employee was super friendly on testing all the combinations with a new thunderbolt MacBook Air and cables I had just bought.  Here are the results:



Netflix streaming movies

July 28, 2008

Have you tried netflix streaming movies?

While I do not have the new movie streaming box, I am streaming the movies via the computer’s browser. Coincidentally I have been waiting for the second season of Heros to become available in August and I was pleasantly surprised to find season 2 available via streaming before the DVD version!

We lost another pioneer – Victor A. McKusick

July 24, 2008

Insights from the fully transcribed human genome — those 3 billion letters of DNA — will drive the medical discoveries of the 21st century and probably the 22nd century as well.