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iTunes 7.7.0 and iPhone 2.0.2 Results

August 23, 2008

There is great debate still with the delays and times the iPhone takes to backup.  I myself had the excruciating waits of 2-3 hours for a simple backup as well as apps crashing.

I am not going to speculate exactly why the delays are, however after extensive research I concluded iPhone 2.0.2 has cleared the backup delays.  Since I am not sure if the backup delays are also remedied by the version of iTunes I am using, I would like to emphasize I am using 7.7.0 (shown as 7.7 in the about iTunes) instead of 7.7.1 which is the currently available version.

iTunes 7.7.1, again after extensive research, lead me to conclude it also has problems with the digital rights management applied to the applications.  If you download Apps from iPhone, this app may have trouble synching back to your computer.  I quote “may” because I have had mixed results.  Similarly, your apps may simply start crashing from one day to another without warning.  In my case, I was comfortably using my apps and stopped to show the lighter to my brother.  The lighter app froze (didn’t crash; just froze after a few frames of the flame video) requiring me to cold boot the iPhone.  Upon rebooting, none of my apps would launch — they would immediately quit.

By downgrading to iTunes 7.7.0 as some have indicated, I have resolved all these app problems.  I believe Apple is not as quick to update iTunes, even though they are aware of via a blanket email from Steve Jobs on the matter.  I feel this is mainly due to the fact they may be hard at work with 7.8 for a September announcement of a new iTunes subscription model (rumors have it at $100/year for full iTunes music access).

Anyhow, just to dispel any concerns I decided to perform a sync which should cause an automatic backup to occur as the conclusion of this post and these are the results.  My iPhone is pretty loaded too as you can see from this picture:

Backup started first, so will list times for this:

01:21:30am – started
01:22:30am – 33% done
01:23:30am – 50% done 
01:24:10am – 80% done 
01:24:30am – 80% done (stuck there a bit)

01:25:00am – 85% done (moved a few notches)
01:25:45am – 95% done
01:26:03am – 100% done (backup complete)

Sync started:
01:26:15 – Started Updating Apps

01:27:30 – Sync 80% done (Stylem only apparently)

01:28:55 – App Sync completed  
01:29:00 – Pod Casts synching started 

[Note:  I was wondering why iTunes seems darker here than the previous and this was due to the fact I had iTunes selected as the foreground window for this screen shot and those that follow]

01:30:55 – Photos Synching started
01:31:00 – All SyncComplete


I highly recommend you download the 7.7.0 version of iTunes for PC & Mac from my other postings or other sources on the internet and recommend you do a clean slate starting with a 2.0.2 factory restore using 7.7.0.




iPhone 2.0.2 update results

August 20, 2008

The iPhone 2.0.2 update does indeed help matters with the 3G connection. Now I waited almost a week since the update to report on my blog because I wanted to have ample time to test and review the results. As we all know, the update improved responsiveness of the phone in many areas such as the keyboard and contacts. The one item most people have been waiting roe though is the improved 3G connectivity.

My findings indicate the switching to edge randomly has decreased quite a bit. It has not been eliminated only because I noticed it on edge the other day at the AT&T store but this was the only time I noticed. Previous to the update I would notice through my speakers as the speakers would make the infamous GSM noise – indicating it as on the edge network at the time. Since the update the speakers never made noise again!

While at the AT&T store I mentioned the edge connection to a salesman and h pulled his 3G phone ( non iPhone ) and he also had edge at that time too! Great news for me as I felt the iPhone was simply doing what any other 3G phone would do.

I rarely have dropped calls and for some reason when I visited my parents on Saturday I had notorious amounts of dropped calls and no data connection. — at least it wouldn’t bring down the mail or web page when trying to. This brought my spirits down quite a bit as now my phone was acting up like many of the iPhones talked about online. Interestingly enough when I left my parents house everything went back to normal. Keep in mine also I had almost a full 3G signal at my Dad’s house.

Curious if this was an isolated incident I decided to drive by my dad’s neighborhood the following day and attempt making calls and low and behind I was dropping like crazy again.

Initially I believed AT&T was resetting their network or something to that effect the night before. This time however it was too coincidental the calls were dropping again in the same vicinity. My take so far is we have some areas of AT&T network which are not iPhone friendly for some reason and those in that area are mostly being affected.